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David Ellis Co, Inc. manufactures hardness test blocks developed by people who understand the standards & specifications that have to be met by manufacturers today. We have every possible scale and range of Brinell, and Rockwell blocks in stock, as well as Knoop, and Vickers Micro blocks, and heavy load Vickers blocks.

A full line of hardness testing accessories is available, including special adapters and other hard to find parts. Standard items are available through the Sales Desk: 800.472.6962, (US and Canada only) or click on the Order Form.

Brinell, Micro and Rockwell

Being a manufacturer of test blocks, we have the most hardness ranges in all scales available.

Our service staff offers over 125 years of combined experience in repair, calibration and service of all makes and models of hardness testers.

  • Richard Ellis, General Manager / Consultation
  • Robert Ellis, Quality Control

  • Call with questions, leave with answers: 800-472-6962. (US and Canada only)