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Hardness Test Blocks

We offer the largest Hardness Test Block selection in the industry. If you don't    see what you're looking for - Ask! All of our Hardness Test Blocks come with Certification. All the blocks are calibrated and accredited to ISO guide 25 and will meet automotive and aerospace standards. The HRC test blocks are calibrated on the new NIST level.

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Our products:

Rockwell Regular Hardness Test Block
Hardness Scale Part No. Penetrator Load Ranges Material
A Scale RA10 C Diamond 60 Kg A60 - A84 Steel
A Scale RA20 C Diamond 60 Kg A20 - A59 Brass
A Scale RA30 A Diamond (Carbide) 60 Kg A88 & up Carbide
B Scale RB10 1/16" Ball 100 Kg B10 - B92 Brass
B Scale RB20 1/16" Ball 100 Kg B90 - B130 Steel
C Scale RC10 C Diamond 150 Kg All Steel
D Scale RD10 C Diamond 100 Kg All Steel
E Scale RE10 1/8" Ball 100 Kg All Brass
F Scale RF10 1/16" Ball 60 Kg All Brass
G Scale RG10 1/16" Ball 150 Kg G2.5 - G64 Brass
G Scale RG20 1/16" Ball 150 Kg G66 & up Steel
H Scale RH10 1/8" Ball 60 Kg All Brass
K Scale RK10 1/8" Ball 150 Kg All Brass
L Scale RL10 1/4" Ball 60 Kg All Brass
M Scale RM10 1/4" Ball 100 Kg All Brass
P Scale RP10 1/4" Ball 150 Kg All Brass
R Scale RR10 1/2" Ball 60 Kg All Brass
S Scale RS10 1/2" Ball 100 Kg All Brass
V Scale RV10 1/2" Ball 150 Kg All Brass
NOTE: Aluminum Test blocks are available in "B", "E", "F", "G", "H", "K" Scales, but ranges are more limited.

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Rockwell Superficial Hardness Test Block
Hardness Scale Part No: Penetrator Load Ranges Material
15N Scale S15N10 N Diamond 15 Kg All Steel
30N Scale S30N10 N Diamond 30 Kg All Steel
45N Scale S45N10 N Diamond 45 Kg All Steel
15T Scale S15T10 1/16" Ball 15 Kg All Brass
30T Scale S30T10 1/16" Ball 30 Kg All Brass
45T Scale S45T10 1/16" Ball 45 Kg All Brass
15W Scale S15W10 1/8" Ball 15 Kg All Brass
30W Scale S30W10 1/8" Ball 30 Kg All Brass
45W Scale S45W10 1/8" Ball 45 Kg All Brass
15X Scale S15X10 1/4" Ball 15 Kg All Brass
30X Scale S30X10 1/4" Ball 30 Kg All Brass
45X Scale S45X10 1/4" Ball 45 Kg All Brass
15Y Scale S15Y10 1/2" Ball 15 Kg All Brass
30Y Scale S30Y10 1/2" Ball 30 Kg All Brass
45Y Scale S45Y10 1/2" Ball 45 Kg All Brass

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Rockwell Accessories
Rockwell Testing Accessories
ISO 6508
Diamond Penetrators
Part No: Description
P10100 "C,A,D" Scale Grade B Pen
P10100A "C,A,D" Scale Grade A Regular
P10200 "N" Scale Grade B
P10200A "N" Scale Grade A Regular
P10300 "A" Scale Carbide
P10301 "A" Scale Carbide Indentron
P1040 "C" Dia. Pen-Versitron
P10400 "C" Scale Grade B Tapered Vers
P10401 "C" Scale Tapered Chinese
P1045 "N" Dia. Pen-Versitron
P10450 "N" Scale Grade B Tapered Vers
P10501 "C" Dia. Pen-Indentron
P1050A "C,A,D" Scale Grade A Indentro
P1060 "N" Scale Grade B Indentron
P1060A "N" Scale Grade A Indentron
P1061 "N" Scale Chinese
P1070 Combo C&N Regular
P10700 Combo C&N Indentron
P10700A Combo C&N Indentron Grade A
P10701 Combo C&N Versitron Scale Gr
P1070A Combo C&N Grade A
P1071 Combo C&N Versitron
P1072 Combo C&N Indentron
P1073 Combo C&N Scale Chinese
P10800 Mobile HRC Certified
P10801 Mobile HRC Penetrator
P10802 Mobile HRN Penetrator
P10803 Mobile HRN Penetrator
P10804 Mobile C/N Combo Penetrator
P10806 Portable C Penetrator
P10807 Portable C Penetrator
P10808 Portable N Penetrator
P10809 Portable N Penetrator
P10810 Ames HRC Penetrator
P10811 Ames HRC Penetrator
P10812 Ames HRN Penetrator
P10813 Ames HRN Penetrator
P1110 Vickers Dia. Penetrator
P1120 Knoop Dia. Penetrator
Ball Penetrators
Part No: Description
P20100 1/16" Ball Penetrator Standard
P20101 1/16" Ball Penetrator Indentron
P20102 1/16" Ball Penetrator Versitron
P20103 1/16" Mobile Penetrator
P20200 1/8" Ball Penetrator Unit
P20201 1/8" Ball Penetrator Indentron
P20202 1/8" Ball Penetrator Versitron
P20203 1/8" Ball Penetrator Mobile
P20204 1/8" Ball Penetrator Mobile
P20205 1/8" Ball Penetrator Portable
P20206 1/8" Ball Penetrator Portable
P20207 1/8" Ball Penetrator Ames
P20208 1/8" Ball Penetrator Ames
P20300 1/4" Ball Penetrator Standard
P20301 1/4" Ball Penetrator Indentron
P20400 1/2" Ball Penetrator Unit
P20401 1/2" Ball Penetrator Indentron
P210104 1/16" Mobile Ball Penetrator
P210105 1/16" Portable Ball Penetrator
P210106 1/16" Portable Ball Penetrator
P210107 1/16" Ames Ball Penetrator
P210108 1/16" Ames Ball Penetrator
P20150 1/16" Carbide Ball Certified
P20250 1/8" Carbide Ball Certified
P20350 1/4" Carbide Ball
P20450 1/2" Carbide Ball
P3020 Brinell-10mm Carbide Balls
P3031 Brinell-5mm Carbide Ball
P3032 Brinell-2.5mm Carbide Ball
P3033 Brinell-1mm Carbide Ball
Indentron® and Versitron® are registered trademarks of Newage Testing Instruments, Inc. Each diamond penetrator is mounted in conformity with its grain structure, to assure balanced pressure and prevent early wear or breakage. They are precision ground, lapped and polished. We also subject each diamond penetrator to a strict performance test before it is approved and certified for sale.
Part No: Description
A1010 Pedestal Spot (1/4") Anvil
A1011 1" Spot Anvil:
A1012 Pedestal Spot (1/2") Anvil
A1014 Pedestal Spot (1") Anvil
A1020 1 1/2" Flat Anvil
A1025 1 1/4" Flat Anvil
A1030 2 1/2" Flat Anvil
A1040 Shallow "V" Anvil
A1050 Standard "V" Anvil
A1055 3 1/2" "V" Anvil
A1060 4" "V" Anvil
A1080 Diamond Spot Anvil
A1090 Cylindron Jr. Anvil
A3020 8" Testing Table

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Brinell Test Blocks and Accessories
ISO 6506

All of our Brinell Test Blocks come certified to applicable standards. We adhere to a strict procedure for the calibration of these blocks, and the accuracy of the tester is maintained using a proving ring and load cell both traceable to N.I.S.T. The readings themselves are done using a stage micrometer also calibrated and traceable to N.I.S.T.

Brinell Hardness Test Blocks
Part No: Description Range
B0250 Brinell 250 Load All Hardness Ranges
B0500 Brinell 500 Load All Hardness Ranges
B1000 Brinell 1000 Load All Hardness Ranges
B1002 Brinell 62.5 Load All Hardness Ranges
B1500 Brinell 1500 Load All Hardness Ranges
B3000 Brinell 3000 Load All Hardness Ranges
B3001 Brinell 750 Load All Hardness Ranges
B3002 Brinell 187.5 Load All Hardness Ranges
BT001 Telebrinell All Hardness Ranges
Brinell Accessories
All Brinell scales to ASTM E-10 Table-3 available
Part No: Description  
P3010 10mm Steel Balls  
P3020 10mm Carbide Balls  

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Micro Hardness Test Blocks
ASTM E-92 - ISO 6507 & 4545
ASTM E-384 - ISO 6507

Our range of micro hardness test blocks exceed industry standards. All of our micro test blocks are mirror-polished and mounted to provide the best possible test surface.

Each mirror-polished Heavy Load Vickers test block has the same surface area provided by our Rockwell test blocks, so that you get the most test opportunities for your money.

Micro Hardness Test Blocks
Part No: Description Range
MV010 Vickers (1 gram to 1,000 gram) All Ranges
MV020 Heavy Load Vickers (1 Kg to 50 Kg) All Ranges
MK010 Knoop (1 gram to 1,000 gram) All Ranges
Note: When ordering please specify Knoop or Vickers, Load and the Hardness Range Number you require.
Micro Hardness Accessories
Part No: Description
P1110 Vickers Diamond Penetrator *
* Vickers Indentor available for all of different makes. Please specify the make of your hardness tester when ordering.
P1120 Knoop Diamond Penetrator*
* Knoop Indentor available for all of different makes. Please specify the make of your hardness tester when ordering.

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Master Calibration Kits
Master Calibration Kits
Our Master Calibration Kits are produced to provide our customers with the ultimate tool in Quality Control. Each kit contains a test block or blocks and the actual penetrator unit that was used to calibrate them. By matching specific blocks to a specific penetrator, a set relationship is established, and they can be eliminated as potential variables in the hardness test system. Should a problem arise, a master kit on hand allows you to quickly and accurately determine whether your hardness tester is the source.
Each block in our kits has been calibrated on a tester whose accuracy has been verified using N.I.S.T. traceable load and depth measuring devices. The individual test blocks are marked both with their own unique serial number AND the serial number of the penetrator in the kit. All of our kits come with their own polished wood case, and certified to all the applicable standards.
HRC Scale Steel with C Diamond Penetrator
Part No: Description
C2010 1 Block
C2020 3 Blocks
C2030 6 Blocks
C2040 10 Blocks
C2050 20 Blocks
HRB Scale with 1/16" Carbide Ball Penetrator
Part No: (1/16" Carbide Ball Penetrator) Description
C4010 1 Block
C4020 3 Blocks
C4030 6 Blocks
C4040 10 Blocks
C4050 20Blocks
Part No: (1/8" Carbide Ball Penetrator) Description
C4210 1 Block
C4220 3 Blocks
C4230 6 Blocks
C4240 10 Blocks
C4250 20 Blocks
HRC and HRN Scale Steel with C Diamond and N Diamond Penetrator
Part No: Description
N2010 1 Block
N2020 3 Blocks
N2030 6 Blocks
N2040 10 Blocks
N2050 20 Blocks
Combination HRC Scale and HRB Scale
Part No: Description
C2510 6 Blocks
C2520 10 Blocks
C2530 20 Blocks
Combination C&N and C&B Kits
Part No: Description
C2530 C&B Combo-20 bk
C3510 C&N Combo-6 bk
C3520 C&N Combo-10 bk
C3530 C&N Combo-20 bk

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For more information, or to place an order please E-mail our sales department at:, fax us your Purchase Order at: 978.897.0844, or call us toll-free at: 800.472.6962. Please specify your desired hardness range, when ordering.

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